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Why decide to make our own dog treats?
Having just introduced Visuvious into our family, we couldn't help notice the serious lack of wholesome dog treats on the market which are free from chemicals and additives.  Our treats contain the most pure and natural ingredients possible, the only additive we have is natural food colouring.

Getting To The Treats...

Making the treats was no easy task - it's amazing how naive we had been.  Our dogs wouldn't touch the stuff at first.  But we kept on trying (recipes and our nerves!) and finally had a hit. 

The Goods At Last

If you decide to purchase your dog treats from us, each kind will always come with a full list of ingredients so you can be assured of what is really going into your dog's body.  To begin with, VISUVIOS are introducing a selection of six different treats.  These are:

  • Cheesy Wonders
  • Fondant Fidos
  • Cinnamon Snaps
  • K9 Crunch
  • Scottish Snaps

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